»Launch of SGX-listed companies IR Website Survey 2017!«

Today, investors need trusted sources of information to cater to their research and be updated on their share investments. Be it institutional or retail investors, they rely on the company’s Investor Relations (IR) website as a trusted source of first-hand news and regulatory announcements. A good Investor Relations website should cater for a wide range of audiences and have sufficient information for the audience. Either an analyst working for the buy-side or a retail investor, providing the company’s equity story and adequate investor information on the IR website could make a difference for them.

Best IR websites generally consist of a well thought out content structure and offers quick access to key information commonly referenced by the company’s stakeholders, while also providing an interactive design and experience that conforms to the company’s online identity.

EQS Group has partnered with IRPAS-Investor Relations Professional Association (Singapore) to launch a scored survey on the IR websites of SGX-listed companies. This exercise is based on best industry practices and provides the Singapore IR community valuable insights in assessment of their own IR websites and a comparative analysis, based on their segments.


EQS Group will survey 707 companies of different market caps and the results will be broken down into 3 main categories based on the company’s market cap.
These are:  

  • Large Caps (SGX-listed companies with market cap above S$1billion)
  • Mid Caps (SGX-listed companies with market cap between S$300 million and S$1 billion)
  • Small Caps (SGX-listed companies with market cap below S$300 million)      

The IR websites are assessed and rated generally on the following criteria:

  • Content
  • Technology
  • Usability
  • Design

The individual company’s results will also be ranked according to the other companies in their market cap category.


 The launch of this survey will begin 1st of April 2017 and results will be published and made available in June 2017. Companies will receive a login and be able to view their individual results via a private EQS website.

 Should you like to know more on the SGX-listed companies IR Website survey, please do not hesitate to contact the EQS Group Singapore office at singapore@eqs.com or IRPAS at chong@irpas.com

Mervyn Kwan
Regional Director-Singapore