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eNewswire & Cockpit

Our COCKPIT maps the work processes of IR Managers and gives access to one of the most important financial newswire to distribute company news globally.


7Corporate IR Websites

We offer the full solution spectrum for your Corporate IR Website from a single source including all needed tools for more efficiency.

ACharts & Tools

We provide the appropriate tools to represent share data, charts and fact sheets efficient, accurately and always up to date on your website.


pDigital Reports

Using all the possibilities of the internet, we have raised interactive reporting for annual and sustainability reports to new levels.

iApps & Mobile

Our mobile-optimised solutions offer companies the ability to communicate in an increasingly mobile world.


aAudio & Video Webcasts

Our webcasts are the ideal instrument to directly, clearly and reliably communicate with investors, regardless of location.


BMarkets & Media

Our media planning boosts your capital market actions purposefully and efficiently.

»Our Customised Solutions«

Our solutions span a broad spectrum of innovative products and services. Our approach is entirely integrated and comprehensive: products and services can be used individually, but when combined, process are automated and maximised for ultimate user efficiency.

We compile a tailor-made portfolio aimed at fulfilling your company’s individual needs and mandatory legal requirements.

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»Newswire & COCKPIT«

EQS Cockpit is a web-based platform designed to make it easy for you to publish company news across the globe simultaneously with the click of a button. We continue to partner with media channels globally to ensure your news gets an optimal and maximized reach. Be it financial terminals, portals, news agencies or social media channels - we have it all covered for you.

Strategize your investor communications via our Mailing Tool, and maintain your investor database directly via our Contact Manager – all in the same web-based platform.

  • Optimal distribution of your reporting
  • Simple, user-friendly input reports with Word upload
  • Online monitoring report summarizes your news coverage
  • 24/7 available for your use
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»Corporate IR Websites«

Your website becomes the first point-of-contact for potential investors. Let your company shine and standout in the eyes of investors while meeting necessary compliance requirements. We offer investor relations expertise, conception and design, programming, and maintenance of your Corporate IR website – all from a single source. We deliver not only indispensable know-how but also the needed tools to efficiently and consistently present stock price development, charts, regulated disclosures, fact sheets, etc.

  • Streamline processes to conserve resources
  • Fulfil demands of investors
  • Digital presentation of your equity story

»Charts & Tools«

Long gone are the days investors glean through black-and-white financial statements to obtain information. Visuals and engaging elements are now a must-have in your IR website to spark investor interest.

  • Analyze financial information easily with export functions
  • Integrate your company’s news in stock charts for easy storytelling
  • Apply user-friendly and interactive applications to increase readability

»Digital Reports«

Corporate reporting no longer needs to be constrained by traditional reporting methods. While regulatory requirements and disclosure policies have been lengthening the printed report, investors can still access the valuable information via a more concise digital version. Illustrate your company story with engaging visuals and elements; present key content and information from your financial reports in a compelling way.

  • Quicker access to key content within printed reports
  • Save printing and mailing costs due to more online viewing
  • Use of visuals boost readability

»Audio & Video Webcasts«

Transparent and simultaneous communication with shareholders is an essential element of success Investor Relations, which is why video and audio transmission of annual shareholders’ meetings, press conferences and investor conferences publication is so vital and indispensable when quarterly and annual figures are being made public.

Webcasts are the ideal instrument to communicate directly to your investors and capital markets experts regardless of your geographic location, without losing any of the advantages of a vivid presentation. We ensure the reliable and safe presentation of your webcasts so that you can concentrate on its content.

  • Mobile streaming increases scope of your events
  • Always easily accessible:  recorded presentation as a permanent information source on your website
  • User-friendly interface to access presentation slides and post questions virtually

»Apps & Mobile«

Mobile internet use is now standard and users expect mobile optimised information. This offers companies a chance to continually communicate with their investors. As a result, app solutions dedicated to smart phones and tablets are especially important to stock-listed companies.

We develop apps specifically towards your company’s needs: working closely with you, we create a concept for your mobile offerings and determine your presentation elements and functionality within the scope of your company’s corporate design.

  • Optimal presentation on mobile devices
  • Synchronisation with other EQS tools
  • Maintenance and hosting by EQS